Space Management

Each space on campus is specifically designed to meet various purposes from faculties and departments to advance teaching and research, support the students’ academic mission and enable staff to function effectively.

Space is a university asset and managed centrally through Facilities & Operations. The Space Planning and Stewardship team works with faculties and departments to understand the vision or objective behind a space request, analyze opportunities and quantify space requirements. We also produce conceptual plans, obtain estimates and create scope-of-work documents so clients can make informed decisions.

Space on campus is managed to align with the priorities laid out in the University Strategic Plan as well as those that accompany government funding.

Project Intake / Work Requisition Form

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Our team

The space planning team includes three groups:

  • Strategic Planners develop big-picture, long-term plans, master plans, capital planning, domino plans and conduct big-picture feasibility studies. They assess and strategize overall university space needs.
  • Space Planners create renovation plans; develop space programs; and conduct feasibility studies and space reports for each U of A campus. They assess feasibility, develop project level programming and develop concepts to allocate space.
  • Facility Analyst maintains the space inventory, which is the recognized data source for university space. The system stores floor plans and houses information about space assignment, occupancy and area.


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How do I submit a department work requisition?

The department work requisition has been integrated into the project intake form as a request type, the department work requisition is the first option in the drop down menu.

Example: If you submit a space request, as the project evolves it will be subsequently passed onto the appropriate groups within F&O and a separate work requisition will not need to be submitted.

Which request type category should I use?

Departmental Work Requisition/Minor Repair/Installation (painting, equipment hook-up, minor work with no space changes, access control)

Minor work that does not change a space or how the space is used or functions. This would also be selected for any access control related requests.

Move (relocations and configurations, furniture disposal, surplus inquires)

Move Services will help with furniture moves and reconfigurations, surplus furniture inquiries, removal of surplus furniture and lab equipment moves.

Equipment Request (equipment moves, disposal, and surplus inquiries)

Equipment Requests could include:

  • moving existing equipment (such as scientific and lab equipment)
  • installing purchased equipment
  • equipment disposal

Facilities and Operations does not facilitate the purchasing of equipment. Please visit Equipment Services to learn more about or make an inquiry about purchasing equipment. Please note, prior to purchasing new equipment, consult Facilities and Operations to ensure the equipment can be moved into and fits within the space, and ensure it can be installed and integrated with existing infrastructure.

Furniture (new purchase only)

Furniture requests cover any request for any new furniture purchasing.

Advisory (feasibility studies, capacity studies, and in-kind valuation for research costs)

This category encompasses studies and exercises for decision making purposes that typically involve consulting services. Common examples include:

  • planning/programming studies
  • feasibility studies
  • building system evaluations
  • cost-benefit analyses

Space Request (new construction, renovations, space optimization, any space related requests)

An example of a Space Request would be renovation that would cause significant changes to a space or changes to how the space functions, like removing walls. This differs from the minor work of a department work requisition, which is more cosmetic in nature. This also includes any changes to the function of a space or inquiries to reimagine or optimize existing space. This also includes any changes to the function of a space or inquiries to reimagine or optimize existing space.

Real Estate (leases, acquisitions, sales)

Real Estate requests could entail:

  • an external entity requesting to be located in University space or lands. External Entities require a space agreement (lease/license) to be signed between the group and the University. This type of request could also include a renewal of an existing agreement.
  • a faculty requesting space off campus where a lease agreement would be required.
  • an external group wanting to access University property in the form of a Right of Entry.
  • any requests for the purchase or sale of a property.

This does not include commercial leasing, which covers retail businesses and food services. Please see the Commercial Leasing page to find out more. Only F&O has the delegated authority to sign off on lease/license or sale/purchase agreements on behalf of the university.

Signage / Wayfinding

Requests that have to do with:

  • maps and directories
  • directional signs (signs with arrows)
  • confirmation signs (signs at final destinations)

If you are uncertain please submit an inquiry to

Do I have to fill out the project intake/work requisition form even if it is a small change?

Yes, but if you are uncertain please submit an inquiry to

How long will I have to wait for a response once I have filled out the project intake/work requisition form?
Please allow up to a two week turn around period from the time you submit your request for it to move through all of the appropriate approvals before arriving to the appropriate person to begin the required work. To make this process as fast as possible, please work with your faculty/university department space contact to ensure you have all appropriate approvals and information required prior to making your submission.
What do I need to do if I experience any technical difficulties?
I can’t find the building in the building list, what do I need to do to submit the request?
Submit a ticket. Include the name of the building in your request and you will be contacted with the building name as it is listed in the portal.
Can I cancel the request?
Yes! Navigate to the request and scroll down to the comments section to let us know you would like it canceled and preferably why.
If my request is canceled, can I know the reason for cancellation?
Of course! To access notes or comments regarding your request, navigate to the request and scroll down to check for comments left in the Comments section or in the Approval History section.
How do I access my requests?
There are a couple of ways to access your requests:
  • If you are receiving notification emails, you can access the hyperlink from your email to access the request regardless of its current status.
  • If you have not been receiving notifications, log into your account and go to the Process tab and search for your request.
  • Log into your account and using the Notifications tab, search for and click the hyperlinked request title.
How do I change what emails I get?
You will always receive confirmation or cancellation emails, but other types can be changed. To change your notification settings, go to your User Profile from the Settings menu at the top of the page, and go to the Notifications section, click Edit and check/uncheck what notifications are most relevant to you.
Do I need to submit a request even if I know who to contact?

Yes, a project intake/work requisition form submission is required.

How do I get input on a request from an individual not directly associated with the request (ie. someone other than the requestor or approver(s))? Will I get a response if they have a delegate in their place?
Tag the individual you would like input/feedback from in the comment section and they will be able to see the request and respond to you. If they have a delegate acting in their place, you will have to tag the delegate.