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Take this unique opportunity for commerce beyond the ordinary — just fill out an application form

Join our university community by letting U of A Commercial Leasing help! We can:

  • Lease commercial space on campus for retail businesses, food services, offices and academic services
  • Manage university-owned properties occupied by commercial tenants
  • Negotiate, review and oversee university commercial leases on campus as a landlord

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Food Truck Locations

Take this unique opportunity for commerce beyond the ordinary — just fill out an application form.

HUB Mall

Get in the action! Full of people, shops, support services and activities, HUB Mall has it all.

Central Academic Building

In the heart of U of A’s North Campus is the Central Academic Building (CAB), one of the highest traffic student areas of the entire university!

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy

The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) features commercial retail space right next to bustling areas — the Health Sciences LRT station, Kaye Clinic and University Hospital pedway.

Leasing in SUB

The Students' Union Building is the headquarters of busy campus life, with a major food court, bookstore, pharmacy, print shop, campus pub, convenience store and health centre, as well many other services and student clubs.

The University of Alberta’s Students' Union manages SUB leasing.
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Non-commercial leasing

If you would like to lease space for non-commercial purposes, visit Real Estate Services.

Contact Campus Services

Join the energy on campus! If you’d like to lease a space, fill out the application form.

Phone: 780.492.6057


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