Commercial Leasing

HUB Mall is the perfect location to launch your business on campus. In a mall full of people, shops, support and activities, HUB has it all! Conveniently located in the heart of campus, it connects over 10,000 people per day with the library, coffee shops, food services, lounges and public transit. In addition, students living in HUB access the businesses and services on a daily basis.

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Current services

Retail services

  • Armstrong Immigration
  • Armstrong Law
  • Bijan Optical
  • Campus Jewellers
  • Cielo Rosa
  • Extra Extra
  • Galatea Galleries
  • HUB Photo
  • Intervarsity Christian 
  • Maple Bridge International
  • Nii Gift Shop
  • Prime Tax
  • Soler Shoes
  • The Stylistics
  • This Sud's For You
  • Varsity
  • Zion Spa


Financial services

  • RBC
  • Scotiabank ATM
  • TD ATM


Academic services

  • APiRG
  • Confederation of Alberta Faculty Association (CAFA)
  • Faculty of Arts
  • HUB Locker Rentals
  • ONEcard InfoLink
  • Residence Services
  • School of Business
  • Social Workers


Safety and security

University of Alberta campuses are among the safest places around. A crime we can reduce, however, is theft of property. Thieves are on the watch for opportunities to grab our laptops, wallets and purses, cash, backpacks, smartphones, music players, bikes, briefcases, and any other portable, valuable items we don't want to lose. With a few simple precautions we can reduce this crime significantly.

  • Don't leave your things unattended - even when you only plan a quick trip to the washroom.
  • Do take your things with you or leave them in the care of a friend or other trusted person.

Report any suspicious activity/behaviour to Protective Services by calling the non-emergency dispatch line at 780-492-5050.

Just call and describe the concerning activity/behaviour that you are observing. Suspicious activity/behaviour may be exhibited by people who:

  • Enter rooms, offices, labs, with no apparent business to transact
  • Solicit, ask for donations, etc.
  • Carry weapons such as knives or guns
  • Tamper with locks on doors, windows, bicycles and vehicles
  • Carry unwrapped property at unusual hours
  • Carry suspicious items such as crowbars, screwdrivers or bolt cutters
  • More concerned with who is around them than what they are working on or looking for
  • Refuse help if you ask to assist them
  • May appear scared, nervous or anxious

Do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns, questions or issues you may have while visiting the mall.


Employees, Students, Public

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