About Facilities & Operations

Who we are and what we do

Facilities and Operations is a diverse portfolio responsible for a range of essential services and work across our five campuses.

From managing capital construction and renovations, providing utilities and energy management, to delivering student and campus services, Facilities and Operations works behind the scenes to make the university a great place to study, learn and work.

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Maintaining and serving five University of Alberta campuses

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Supporting the University of Alberta's mission of teaching and research

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Driving innovations and implementing sustainability initiatives

U of A Campus Bear

U of A Campus Bear

Taking care of our campuses

On June 14, 2019, U of A's Board of Governors voted unanimously in support of the integrated asset management strategy, Taking Care of our Campuses. Over the past three years, we’ve made tremendous progress in reducing our footprint by 75 buildings and structures and reducing our annual operating costs for the space related to teaching and research by $450,000. These are funds that are now freed up to support our current infrastructure.

Facilities & Operations will continue to be guided by this strategic plan with the aim of cultivating the best possible environment for learning, teaching and research now and into the future, as we take care of the largest infrastructure portfolio of any university in Canada.

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F&O Vision, Mission and Values

Our VISION inspires us. Our MISSION drives us. Our PURPOSE guides us. Our VALUES and BEHAVIOURS represent us!

Our vision

To build, sustain and serve the most compelling and inclusive university community imaginable.

Our mission

We create and maintain innovative spaces, services and environments to support our university community.

Our Purpose

Together, we shape the dynamic spaces, services and environments that allow our university community to thrive and grow.

Our Values and Behaviours

People - Focused Service - With integrity, we engage our university community through solution-oriented action.

Sustainability - We make a positive impact through social, human, economic and environmental stewardship.

Diversity - We foster a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels equipped to succeed and empowered to reach their potential.

Wellness - We create safe, beneficial and productive environments that support all aspects of wellbeing and belonging.

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To report maintenance, cleaning or accessibility issues, submit a maintenance request.
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For building access or non-urgent issues with buildings, contact your area's Facilities Services Partners.