VP Facilities & Operations Portfolio

VP F&O is led by VP Andrew Sharman

F&O is a diverse portfolio responsible for a range of essential services and work across University of Alberta's campuses.

  • Office of the Vice President (Facilities and Operations)
  • Asset Management and Operations
  • Campus Services
  • Integrated Planning, Development and Partnerships
  • Support and Recreation Services
  • Utilities

Office of the Vice President (Facilities and Operations)

Led by Gordon Weighell

Overseeing and coordinating work done across the entirety of Facilities and Operations, the Office of the Vice President is responsible for setting strategic direction to advance the university's teaching, research, and community service mandates.

Specifically, the VP's office is the singular focal point through which all interactions with the Board of Governors and the General Faculties Council are channeled. Additionally, the university's shared services (senior partners) are, at a strategic level, connected to F&O through the Office of the VP. Finally, the VP's office is responsible for maintaining a suite of university-wide policies and procedures that govern behaviours related to use of space, contract management and land use.

Asset Management and Operations

Led by AVP James Allen

Building service workers, engineers, technologists, peace officers and tradespeople help keep all five of our campuses maintained and operating safely and efficiently.

This group supports our community through operating, maintaining and renewing our infrastructure and providing a number of safety and security services. View our Facilities Maintenance Plan.

  • Engineering and Operations
  • Facility Services
  • Grounds and Augustana Facilities
  • Trades and Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • University of Alberta Protective Services

Campus Services

Led by AVP Katherine Huising

From the ONEcard in your wallet to the programming delivered through Residence Life, this team strives to improve your on-campus experience whether you are a student, faculty, staff or visitor.

Campus Services offers a wide range of essential services to support you right from your first step on campus. View the Campus Services Capital Plan.

  • Retail Services
  • Dining, Leasing and Conference Services
  • Residence Occupancy, Life, Education and Services
  • Business Continuous Improvements

Integrated Planning, Development and Partnerships

Led by AVP Lara McClelland

Through strategic planning and partnerships across Facilities and Operations as well as the wider campus community, this team improves the viability and utility of our infrastructure.

Social, economic and environmental sustainability principles are incorporated into each project in support of our Integrated Asset Management Strategy, Taking Care of our Campuses.

  • Asset Information and Analysis
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Integration and Service Excellence
  • Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Partnerships

Support and Recreation Services

Led by AVP Robert Pawliuk

The team is responsible for a wide range of services both for the campus community and the public.

Core services by this diverse group include emergency preparedness and crisis management, transportation services, and capital planning and delivery. In addition, this team operates the U of A Botanic Garden and Campus and Community Recreation.

  • Campus and Community Recreation
  • Emergency Management
  • Transportation Services
  • U of A Botanic Garden


Led by AVP Mike Kohlenberg

Operating one of the largest campus district energy systems in North America, the utilities team is instrumental to creating an efficient, sustainable campus.

From heat to power and chilled water, more than 70,000 people use services provided by utilities each day.

  • Utility Business Management
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Heating Plant
  • Energy and Climate Action