Rent a Vehicle

Ready to rent a vehicle through UAlberta? Call us at (780) 492-1920 or fill out a rental form and email it to us.

Please have the following information ready:

  • Your first and second vehicle choices
  • The date and time of your departure and return
  • The name of your destination(s)
  • The purpose of your trip
  • Your speed code and the name of the person who authorized it
    Important! We will need approval from a U of A financial authority to complete your rental reservation

Driver Authorization

For details on driver authorization, please visit our Driver Authorization Requirements.


Only authorized drivers are covered by UAlberta's vehicle insurance. Please contact Risk Management with any questions.

Fleet Fuel Cards

We can provide fleet fuel cards to renters depending on the length and distance of their trip. You can use our fleet fuel cards to purchase fuel and pay for maintenance work up to $200.

You may only use your fleet fuel card toward fuel and maintenance on the vehicle for which it was issued.

Fleet fuel cards are good at all major retailers in Canada. Please keep your receipt for each purchase you make with your card and record each transaction on your credit card expense report.

Parking your Rental

For parking on U of A campuses, please visit the Parking Services website for lot locations and parking rates. Alternatively, visit the City of Edmonton's Parking Rates, Hours and Locations webpage for information on parking in surrounding areas.

Note: Parking is not included with vehicle rentals.