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Facilities & Operations maintains grounds and building space on all five UAlberta campuses. From providing landscaping services to responding to maintenance issues, we strive to keep UAlberta's grounds and buildings in top condition.

Our Work

Submit a Maintenance Request or Report an Issue
Did you see a maintenance issue or safety hazard on campus? Be the one to report it! Submit a Maintenance Request
Building Service Shutdowns

Learn when and why we shut down services in your building and how we notify you.

Landscape Maintenance

Have questions about our landscape maintenance services? Find information about everything from lawn maintenance and outdoor clean-up to pest management and snow removal in Landscape Maintenance

Work Requisitions

Need to request project work or repairs on campus? Learn how.

Service Levels

Work takes place across campus to preserve or restore buildings and base building system equipment to their original conditions or to such a condition that they can be effectively used for their intended purpose, ensuring ongoing operation.

Planned Maintenance

Historical maintenance records help predict when specific base building system equipment parts need to be replaced.

Preventive Maintenance: a planned and controlled program of periodic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of base building system equipment and components, as well as performance testing and analysis.

Corrective Maintenance (CM): the repair or replacement of obsolete, worn, broken, or inoperative subcomponents or subsystems of physical infrastructure to an appropriate condition. Can be planned or unplanned maintenance that is performed in response to repeated requests for reactive maintenance. CM also includes the replacement of base building system equipment that is intentionally operated to the point of failure.

Unplanned Maintenance

Activity that comes out of a triaged response to a need that has usually been identified and reported by facilities users and staff, evidence of base building system equipment malfunction or failure through the building automation system (BAS).

Emergency Maintenance (EM): unscheduled corrective activities that require immediate attention to restore a critical piece of base building system equipment whose failure could threaten the safety of personnel or cause damage to other base building equipment or systems.

Reactive Maintenance (RM): Unscheduled work that requires expedient action to restore services or to remove issues that could interfere with activities or property.

Support Maintenance (SM): discretionary work that is not directly related to base building systems equipment, components, and systems but is necessary to preserve the mission of the University.

Read more about our building maintenance service levels and maintenance standards.

For information about UAlberta buildings, including cleaning services and building hours, please visit Buildings.