Building Service Shutdowns

Facilities & Operations issues service shutdowns for building mechanical systems, electrical systems or utilities for reasons like equipment breakdowns, building renovations and regular maintenance.

Shutdown Levels

There are three shutdown levels:

Routine shutdowns are done on a regular, ongoing basis for things like filter changes, fire alarm tests, emergency generator tests and fire sprinkler flow tests.

Planned shutdowns are planned interruptions of normal services.

Emergency shutdowns happen immediately when a hazard puts the safety of people, buildings, equipment or research projects at risk.

Shutdown Notices

We will notify you at least five business days in advance if we are planning a service shutdown for your building (usually by email and by posting notices in your building).

During an emergency shutdown, we will do our best to explain the extent of the issue, the services involved and how long we expect the shutdown last.

If you are not on your building's email distribution list, but would like to be, please contact your Facility Services Partner.