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Building Ventilation

The university’s building ventilation (HVAC) systems are designed to circulate fresh air safely and are continually monitored to ensure proper operation. Capacity monitoring is also in place. Adjustments are made as required to deliver a safe and comfortable indoor environment in all our buildings.

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Safety + Security

Building Security Systems

Facilities & Operations supports several forms of electronic security technologies across its campuses including:

  • Card Access
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Video Surveillance
  • Emergency Notification
  • Intercom Systems

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Lock Shop

Lockshop designs, installs and maintains building keying systems and door and door hardware on University of Alberta campuses. Door hardware includes electronic and mechanical locks and auto-operators.

Standard Environmental Conditions


Summer conditions: optimum temperature of 23.5°C with an acceptable range of 22-25°C
Winter conditions: optimum temperature of 22°C with an acceptable range of 20-23.5°C


Minimum of 17% RH

Need to Change a Lock or Request a Key?

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Need Card Access to a Door on Campus?

Request an access control card or request electronic access to a door. You must have an access control card before you can request door access.