Taking care of our campuses: Asset Management Strategy. Illustrations of buildings
Buildings ranging from 1-110 years old. 1.9 million square metres of infrastructure. 490 buildings on 5 campuses

Did you know that the University of Alberta has the largest inventory of land and buildings of any university in Canada? With 1.8 million square metres of infrastructure (think 350 football fields full of buildings, roads, sidewalks, grounds, and utilities), and almost 500 buildings across its five campuses, our buildings range from over 100 years old to brand new.

With so many buildings, ranging from simple offices to complex research facilities, it's critical that investments are made in support of continued excellence in education and research. The way in which space is designed, used and maintained are critical factors to the accessibility, effectiveness and sustainability of our campuses.

The Facilities and Operations portfolio leads the charge when it comes to maintaining and sustaining our campus, but this isn't just one unit's job—it's everyone's responsibility to care for and take pride in our campuses!

On June 14, 2019, the university's Board of Governors voted unanimously in support of the integrated asset management strategy, Taking Care of our Campuses.

Aerial view of University of Alberta campus
Ring House Update

The University of Alberta is pleased to announce the sale and relocation of the four Ring Houses. Please view the full update for more information.

Town Hall. Illustrations of quotation marks to represent discussion
In case you missed it

Learn how IAMS has guided the university's decisions on asset management. View presentations from our past town halls below.

Town Hall. Illustrations of quotation marks to represent discussion
Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre Renewal Update Video

See our asset management strategy in action. Check out our Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre renewal update video.

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