Collisions, Incidents and Fines

Report a Collision

If you are in a collision in a UAlberta vehicle, call Transportation Services For assistance outside of the opening hours, please call our Control Centre.

Report Damage

You are responsible for reporting any damage to your UAlberta vehicle to University of Alberta Protective Services and Risk Management at the time the damage occurs.

If the damage exceeds $2,000 or if it was caused in a hit-and-run incident, you must report the damage to local police as well. For damage exceeding $2,000, local police may require an estimate to file a report-it is up to you to provide this estimate.

Report an Incident

If your UAlberta vehicle breaks down, call Transportation Services at. For assistance outside of the opening hours, please call our Control Centre.


Traffic and parking violation tickets are your responsibility. If we receive a ticket, we will direct it to the signing authority of the rental vehicle.

Parking Charges

UAlberta vehicles may park at no charge in some UAlberta lots. If you park in a lot that is not covered with your rental, any parking charges (or fines) are your responsibility. If you have questions about where to park your UAlberta vehicle, please contact Parking Services.

Towing Charges

If your UAlberta vehicle breaks down, Transportation Services will cover the towing charges. If you need to arrange a tow truck for any other reason, the UAlberta department that arranged your vehicle rental is responsible for the charges.

Keys Locked in Vehicle

If you lock your keys in your UAlberta vehicle during our opening hours(and you are in Edmonton), call Transportation Services. Service charges will apply.

For help after hours (or if you're out of town), call a local towing company or locksmith. All charges are your department's responsibility.

Lost and Found

If you left an item in your rental vehicle after returning it, please call Transportation Services.

We hold lost items for ten days. After ten days, we dispose of unclaimed items. If we estimate the value of a lost item is $100 or more, we will contact you.

Contact Transportation Services

(780) 492-1920
Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (MST)

After Hours
Control Centre
(780) 492-4855

Protective Services
(780) 492-5050