Protective Services

University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) is an operational unit within Facilities and Operations. As a Community Peace Officer agency we provide a number of services to the University of Alberta, including:

  • General Patrol and Incident Response
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Threat Assessment
  • Traffic Safety Enforcement
  • Public Education Services
  • Community Assistance Team (CAT)
  • Alarm Response
  • Special Duty Services
  • Community Liaison Officer Program
  • Controlled Goods Program
  • Security Survey (CPTED Audits)
  • Victim Support

The Director of Protective Services is Mike Bartkus.

A log of key incidents is kept on our website. An incident map is also available to the public.

Certain incidents may be reported online to UAPS.

Emergency vehicle with the phone number 780-492-5050