Victim Witness Assistance

It is the policy of UAPS that victims and witnesses of crime be treated with compassion, dignity and respect according to the Victims of Crime Act.

The Edmonton Police Service and the Camrose Police Service are the agencies primarily responsible for the delivery of victim and witness services at the University of Alberta. Protective Services role in the delivery of victim and witness services is to provide an initial response. UAPS officers are able to provide victims and witnesses with a copy of the Victims of Crime Protocol which details what to expect from the criminal justice system, a description of victim and witness responsibilities and points of contact for needed services.

In this regard, Protective Services recognize that victims and witnesses of crime have a right to…

  • An explanation of the criminal justice process
  • Notification if an arrest is made in their case
  • Be informed of their role in any proceedings
  • Be notified of court proceeding and court dispositions
  • Have stolen or personal property being held as evidence returned as soon as possible
  • Be informed of financial assistance available and assistance in filing under the Financial Benefits Program
  • Be informed of the status of their case
  • Have information concerning the impact of the crime on their lives presented to the court at sentencing
  • Be informed of the type and length of sentence and of any impending release of the offender
  • Be referred to any local or municipal agency, counselors or other appropriate agency in aiding them in their recovery from the crime, or other personal issues which are a result of the crime

If you need assistance or have questions about our services please call us at 780-492-5050 (24 hrs).