Special Duty Services

UAPS is dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service to the University of Alberta community and supports the hiring of Peace Officers to provide special duty services at a variety of University of Alberta functions and events. These events can include concerts, dances, sporting events, public meetings, lectures, conferences, VIP events, festivals, trade shows, and security of cash, computers or other valuables.

University Peace Officers have the authority to enforce select Provincial Acts on in relation to University property which include, Trespass to Premises Act, Traffic Safety Act, Environmental Protection Act, Gaming and Liquor Act, Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act and Tobacco Reduction Act. Officers may issue Provincial violations for any infractions of these Acts and have the knowledge to enact University policy and procedures. Peace Officers also have the authority to arrest any person they find committing a criminal offence within University jurisdiction. In addition to core training standards, all personnel receive tactical communications training to provide consistently superior service and professional response.

Protective Services is the primary service provider for all security services at the University of Alberta. While it is recognized that security costs can be expensive, in fact in some cases cost prohibitive; the costs will not be a consideration when assigning staffing levels. The greater responsibility is in maintaining public safety, protecting attendees, and the University community. 

Requests for Special Duty Services

A request for Special Duty Services is made by completing the a Special Duty Initial Request Form. Upon receiving this form, UAPS will assess risk factors and make security recommendations as to appropriate security with input from the client, information on the form, prior similar events, and any other available information sources. Please download and complete the appropriate form based upon your client type. 

Special Duty Initial Request (Internal Client) - For University departments (have a speedcode)

Special Duty Initial Request (External Client) - For student roups and groups not legally part of the University

Please send completed forms to npurkess@ualberta.ca

Important Information

Events or groups with a history of disruptive or violent incidents will be required to have higher levels of security than those with no history. These types of event may require a police presence in addition to UAPS.

Alcohol can only be served at University events when properly licensed and controlled in accordance with the AGLC and University regulations.

The estimated attendance will determine the level of staffing that will be provided for the event. It is important that due consideration be given to this prediction as UAPS may limit attendance if the actual response exceeds a safe number of people for the location.

Advertising off campus may greatly affect the nature of the attendees and the level of attendance.

Volunteers supplied by the group are encouraged to assist with security of the event. Access control and minor issues can be better handled by volunteers and they should take initial action on the enforcement of event rules. Peace Officers are available in the event there is an issue that exceeds the abilities and expectations of volunteers. To be recognized as a security asset, volunteers must be trained in their responsibilities and wear some type of t-shirt or identification that makes them easily recognizable.

The majority of room bookings go directly through the Examinations and Timetabling Division of the Registrar's Office, phone (780) 492-5221.

Outdoor event site bookings can be made by contacting the Site Booking Coordinator, Faculties and Operations at (780) 492-2301.

Insurance & Risk Assessment manages the institutional liquor license and can be contacted at liquor@ualberta.ca

Terms and Conditions

Liquor permits or space and site bookings on campus must be approved through the appropriate channels prior to the request for Special Duty Services.

The times listed for the event are used for staffing decisions and are expected to be accurate. Additional time may be charged before and beyond the actual times of the event.

There is a minimum charge of three hours for each Peace Officer. If an event ends prior to the required time beyond the three hour mark, officers will be paid to the next hour.

Rates include statutory holidays. There is an additional charge of $30 per hour for use of a UAPS vehicle.

There is a 25% surcharge for all requests with less than 10 working days notice prior to the date of the event.

There is a 5% External Administration and Liability fee applied to external clients (are not University department). Examples of external clients include student groups, and organizations renting space or holding events at the U of A.

Special Duty requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Officers cannot be guaranteed regardless of how far in advance a request is submitted.


Internal special duty payments are paid by speed code.

External (e.g. student groups) pay by cheque, payable to:

The University of Alberta

Financial Services (Attn: Accounts Receivable)

3rd Floor Admin. Building

Factors beyond the control of our service, such as committing officers to emergent events coupled with a high demand may prevent Special Duty officers from being obtained. Under these circumstances, we may engage a third party agency to fulfill select Special Duty requests.

Cancellation Policy: Minimum 48 hours notice is required to cancel Special Duty at no charge. 3 hours will be paid out to each officer where there is less than 48 hours cancellation notice.