Contract Security Services

UAPS Security Agents support UAPS' Peace Officer operations by providing an uniformed presence, performing observe and report duties (such as building patrols, site security, access control, event security), and interacting with members of the public (staff, students, guests of the U of A).


Protection of People

The highest priority of UAPS Security Agents is the protection of people. This includes staff, students, and guests of the University of Alberta. Some of the ways in which the Security Agents are able to ensure protection of people is by performing site patrols, identifying hazards on campus, and maintaining access control.


Protection of Property

Another priority of Security Agents at the UofA is to protect university property. Security Agents' presence, in and of itself, may deter crime, unwanted activities, and individuals who are not permitted on property. Additionally, the active patrols, access control, and hazard identification that Security Agents performs can also keep UofA property safe and further deter any unwanted activity. 



UAPS prescribes a community policing approach. As such, the presence of Security Agents may contribute to healthier relationships between law enforcement and the community they serve. Throughout the course of their duties, Security Agents are encouraged to speak with members of the community, whether it is simply saying hello, providing direction to those who are lost, or offering crime prevention advice. Creating a favorable reputation of the University and UAPS is imperative.



For any security services or concerns, please contact our Security Program Coordinator, Ruby Ling, at