Travel Emergencies

By telling us such things as your destination, emergency contact and insurance information, we are better able to assist you in an emergency - whether you experience a personal emergency or are caught in a regional crisis such as a natural disaster.

Just sign in to the University's online travel registration system, UGo, where you can securely leave vital details about your off-campus activity. Developed and managed by University of Alberta International (UAI), UGo is available to all University staff and students.

Protective Services has 24-hour access to UGo and can respond quickly in the event of an emergency. Register before you go and update your information from anywhere if things change.

Find the online travel registry, UGo at: UGo Travel Registry

If you experience an emergency while off campus:

If you experience an emergency while away from the University, contact Protective Services who will in turn contact the appropriate University personnel to provide assistance.

Protective Services operates 24 hours/365 days. Collect calls ARE accepted. 780-492-5050

You can also send an email if that is easier. The inbox is monitored constantly: