Online Reporting

For emergencies or crimes in progress, call 911

Requirements to submit an online incident report with UAPS:

  • It is not an emergency or is not an in-progress event
  • Incident occurred on a University of Alberta campus, or off campus but in relation to UofA property or a UofA event
  • There is no information regarding a known suspect (i.e. name, photo, license plate, etc.).
  • Value of property stolen is less than $5000
  • Value of collision damage is less than $2000
  • Incident is non-violent in nature (i.e. no weapons, bodily harm, threats, domestic violence, sexual assault, robbery, etc.)

Each online report is assessed and assigned to a member for documentation and/or investigation, if warranted. A file number will be emailed to you for your records. If you are reporting a crime, you are encouraged to report the matter to the police service of jurisdiction (i.e. Edmonton Police Service, Camrose Police Service or RCMP). Please inform them you have or will be reporting the matter to UAPS.

Directly contact UAPS at 780-492-5050, or in person at 11390-87 Ave (Education Car Park):

  • Information about the identity of the suspect is known or evidence exists
  • Violence was involved
  • The financial loss is significant

File an Online Report....

Bicycle Theft Report

Damage to Property (Vandalism/Mischief) Do NOT use for vehicle collisions or damage

Theft Report

Lost University Keys Report

University Vehicle Collision (coming soon, please attend our office)

The personal information collected by University of Alberta Protective Services under authority of section 33(c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is for investigative purposes. Certain personal information may be made available to federal and provincial government departments and agencies under appropriate authority. For further information please contact: Director, University of Alberta Protective Services, 11390 - 87 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta or