Lost + Found

University of Alberta Protective Services offers a lost and found property service for the University of Alberta community. Every year our service receives variety and large number of lost property including cell phones, ipods, books, purses and wallets. Many items have no readily identifiable or traceable owner so we are unable to return the property to them.

Help Us Help You - Mark Your Property with your ONEcard Number

It helps us if you label your property with your ONEcard number whenever possible.

  • Books - write your ONEcard number on the inside cover of your textbook, or have a bookmark in it with your ONEcard number.
  • Cell Phones - many cell phones received by UAPS have dead batteries or are password locked. When possible we try to charge the phones so we can call someone on your contact list, or give you a chance to use your gps locating features of your phone. It helps us if there is a label the back of your phone with your ONEcard number.
  • USB Drives - to avoid introducing viruses and other malicious code into UAPS systems, we will not open and view the contents of found usb drives or any other electronic storage media in an attempt to identify an owner. Label your usb drive with your ONEcard number or, if the device is very small try attaching a fob with your ONEcard number on it.

Reuniting you with your lost items

Property received by UAPS, if unclaimed shall be retained for a thirty day period. Where possible, found property is returned to the rightful owner. Unclaimed property is disposed of in accordance with our disposal procedures.

Our lost + found property office hours

  • Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays)
  • 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (September through April)
  • 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (May through August)

During office hours you can call our lost and found number at 780-492-2943 or visit our office located in the Education Car Park at 11390-87 Avenue

If you've lost your property

  • Retrace your steps and check with local faculty general offices, libraries and Students' Union InfoLink kiosks.
  • Visit UAPS office during office hours.

If you find lost property

If you find any lost property please bring it to our office during office hours, or return the item by campus mail.

On a call by call basis, UAPS may be contacted anytime at 780-492-5050 to request a pickup of the following valuables:

  • wallets and purses
  • cell phones, personal audio devices, and other valuable electronics
  • money/cheques and other negotiable's
  • clothing, jewelry, and other items with an single estimated value greater that $200.00

Lost Identification + Credit Cards

  • Report a lost your ONEcard to the ONEcard Office.
  • Report missing bank cards or credit cards to your financial institution.
  • Report lost driver's licences to the nearest Alberta Registry agency.
  • Report lost government identification cards to the issuing agency.
  • Report lost Canadian passports to Passport Canada (1-800-567-6868) and the police.


Found ONEcards received by UAPS are returned to the ONEcard office.

Disposal of Found Property

Library books or other identifiable University property are returned to the appropriate department as soon as possible. Found property may be returned only when the claimant has identified themselves and the article to the satisfaction of our staff. If the rightful property owner is not located within the 30 day retention period, property may be returned to a finder who has made that request. Finders cannot claim University owned property. University employees by virtue of the employment with the University are not eligible to claim found property.