Green Spaces Certification

Green Spaces

Green Spaces lets you integrate sustainable practices into your work and living space on campus. Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold certification for your office or lab, your living space in residence, or even your event.

Step 1

Explore the checklists below to learn what’s involved in leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Step 2

Complete as much of the checklist as possible and submit to

Step 3

The more action you take, the higher your certification level will be, which you can proudly display to inspire others to take part.


The easy-to-follow checklist outlines ways to reduce waste and pollution, protect natural resources, support social inclusion and invest in the community. If you have any questions about the checklists, or are ready to submit it for certification, email


Thousands of events take place on U of A campuses every year. Countless meals are served, conference programs are printed and many guests travel great distances to share their knowledge.

Any event or conference at U of A can be certified by Green Spaces. Organizers commit to completing sustainable actions during the event and attendees are encouraged to take action to reduce the impact of the event. Some actions include collecting organic waste, providing tap water and choosing a venue close to public transit. These ideas and others are highlighted in the application.

To allow time to process your application, please submit it one week (five business days) before your event.

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Labs use considerable amounts of water, energy and other resources, so even small actions can equal big benefits for the environment and society.

A green lab is a safe lab. Any research, field or teaching lab at U of A can be certified by Green Spaces for demonstrating best practices for environmental health and safety. Everyone working in the lab commits to reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and maintaining a safe space. Some actions include turning off equipment that's not in use and finding alternatives to hazardous chemicals. These ideas and others are highlighted in the application.

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Every office is a small community and there are hundreds of offices across U of A’s five campuses.

Any office or work unit can be certified by Green Spaces. It all starts by making a collective commitment to reduce your environmental impact and promote social good. Some actions include using recycled paper, acquiring lightly used office furniture rather than buying new, providing reusable dishes in your space, planning travel and meetings collectively, and making purchases with sustainability in mind. These ideas and others are highlighted in the application.

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Adopting a sustainable lifestyle at home will help you understand how to incorporate sustainability into your future career. Learn sustainable practices you will use for the rest of your life.

Anyone living on campus can have their dorm or apartment certified by Green Spaces by promoting sustainability on campus, and reducing waste and conserving energy and water in their living space. Some actions include using cloth grocery bags and eco-friendly cleaning products. These ideas and others are highlighted in the application.

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Did you know?

The Green Spaces program incorporates the three pillars of sustainability:

Environmental: Reduce waste and pollution, and protect precious natural resources.

Social: Strengthen your community with practices that support social inclusion.

Economic: Invest in local businesses and in fair trade products from around the world.

Certified spaces

Check out our up-to-date list of certified Green Spaces, which includes places that offer a discount for bringing your own reusable cup or food container.


Do you have an idea to make the university more sustainable? Consider applying for a Campus Sustainability Grant.