Safety Measures General Directives

The Safety Measures General Directives (SMGD) provides guidance on expectations for faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors in preparing their plans to ensure a continued safe return to our campuses. The SMGD reflects the current health measures for the balance of the Fall Term. It may also be amended in response to emerging public health information. It is predicated on the implementation of the Vaccination Directive and related CampusReady Pass as primary measures, in conjunction with other complementary measures, to minimize risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission.

Since September 16, 2021, the Province of Alberta has had a mandatory work-from-home requirement as part of the CMOH Public Health Orders. This is currently still in place and requires employees to work from home unless they are needed in-person for operational effectiveness. The university continues to adopt this practice, where working from home is possible, to meet this requirement.

In order to create and maintain a safe learning and working environment, the university may have additional safety measures for higher risk activities, including but not limited to participation in athletics, live performances and certain placements. These additional requirements, if any, will be communicated to participants ahead of activities. Anyone who may be unable to comply with any additional safety measures on the basis of a protected ground, recognized under the Alberta Human Rights Act, may apply for accommodations in accordance with the university's Duty to Accommodate Procedure (UAPPOL).

Winter 2022: Temporary move to online course delivery—Jan 4-Jan 23

In response to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the province, from January 4 to January 23, in-person Winter 2022 classes that can be delivered online will be delivered online.

Certain eligible classes that meet public health distancing requirements can remain in person based on faculty approval. If you are required to visit campus, please ensure you are following all Safety Measure General Directives, such as:

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