5 Ways to Prepare for Careers Day

This year, Careers Day will be held in-person at the Butterdome on Sept. 29 from 1 - 5 PM. It's the perfect chance to start networking with employers and see what type of work is out there for post-secondary students.

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In my time at the U of A, Careers Day has always been a personal highlight of the start of fall semester. And no, I don’t go just for the freebies. 

Returning U of A students may recall that Careers Day was conducted virtually last year. This year, it returns to in-person at the Butterdome and will take place on Thursday, September 29 from 1:00 pm-5:00 pm. The buzzing atmosphere in the Butterdome during my first year has been what keeps bringing me back everytime.

The employers present are actively searching for post-secondary students, and in some cases students specifically from the U of A, to hire for their company. Many recruitment processes take a while, which is why this fair takes place in September; this way students can continue their studies while recruitment takes place. Even if you are not looking for work, it is hugely beneficial to come by, because you can get an idea of the jobs on offer and kickstart your networking early.

Here are 5 steps to prepare and make the most of Careers Day. For more tips, check out this career fair guide.

Dress the part

Dress codes vary across companies, but you should avoid looking too casual. The bottom line is, choose an outfit that you will feel confident in. There will also be a Skip the Selfie booth, where you can get a free professional headshot and update your LinkedIn profile. No registration required!

Ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date

A recent resume and LinkedIn profile in your back pocket are a must for successful networking. Since most employers have online application and recruitment tools, having printed copies of your resume is completely optional.

Research the companies that will be attending

Click here for a full list of employers at Careers Day. Something worth doing is coming up with a priority list of companies you want to talk to. From that list you can research the backgrounds of each company and come prepared with questions. This will set you apart from the competition.

Have an elevator pitch ready

The time you have with an employer is your chance to shine, though it may go by quickly. With that in mind, consider preparing an introduction to make a strong first impression. This could include your name, program of study, relevant skills and experiences as well as something memorable about yourself.

Think up a follow-up strategy

Make sure to get the contact information of any employers you speak with. Sending them a thank-you email after the career fair will go a long way. This will bring your conversation to top of mind and show them your interest in the company.
Check out the Career Centre website for all the details on Careers Day. See you at the Butterdome! Your career possibilities await!

Damian Lachacz

Damian Lachacz