Say hello!

Aria asks students how social connections have enhanced their U of A experience.

Hello Day Composite

World Hello Day reminds us of the importance of social connection. World Hello Day is observed internationally and here at the U of A on November 21. Last week, the Days of Action Committee hosted events encouraging social connection and conversation. This included a campus social hour - complete with mocktails, games and trivia - on North Campus, a conversation about social connection hosted at Campus Saint-Jean and a hot chocolate bar at the Augustana campus.

In honour of this day, we invited a few students to share about the importance of social connection in their academic life.


Say Hello to Marc! He shares his advice on building social connections.

“After earning acceptance into the Transition Year Program (TYP), I told myself I would only say 'yes' to opportunities. I didn't think I would fit in anywhere on campus because I brought a lifetime of experiences from small, rural, mountainous communities to the big city. However, having the courage to say 'yes' led me to join student groups, advocate in student governance positions, get into research projects, volunteer for events, find community in First Peoples' House and create lasting friendships on and off campus. Most importantly, saying 'yes' showed me not only that I could fit in but also that I belonged. If you ever see a poster or email with an opportunity that excites you, dare to say 'yes'—it could become the highlight of your U of A experience.


Say Hello to Mariam! She shares how student organization involvement and the associated social connections shaped her university experience.

“Engaging with student groups and participating in student governance has significantly enriched my university experience. Campus involvement has provided me with the chance to connect with talented individuals from various faculties and backgrounds and has expanded my skillset and knowledge beyond my academic focus. I highly recommend becoming involved in student governance as it fosters stronger engagement with campus life and offers the satisfaction of working towards positive causes that benefit your surrounding community.

Joining any student group, especially as a new student, creates a sense of belonging and support while exploring your interests and passions with like-minded individuals. Prior to my involvement in student governance, I participated in many clubs in my first year before discovering what I enjoyed the most, and it's essential and perfectly fine to explore new opportunities until you find the one that truly resonates with you.”


Say Hello to Shannon! She shares how getting outside your comfort zone can change your university experience for the better.

I joined student governance to make positive changes for the Indigenous students in my community and across Canada. Joining a student group on campus is just the start, and learning how to network and advocate for our community adds to my journey as a student at the University of Alberta.” 

Shannon reflects on her relationship with Christian Fotang and the UASU: “Don't be afraid to talk to people outside of your comfort zone. I was really surprised how receptive the UASU executives have been with me, and I know that we have built our friendships on mutual trust and respect.”

Join Days of Action for upcoming World Hello Day opportunities:

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