World Hello Day


World Hello Day is observed internationally on November 21.

World Hello Day  – a global event with 180 countries participating to promote peace. This day encourages each of us to say “hello” to ten people, be it an old friend or someone new. Extending a greeting is also one of the steps we can take to create and build social connections with others.

Take the First Step: Say Hello

Even though taking that first step can feel intimidating, we can all do small actions to help each other know that we belong, which is one way we can support positive mental health as a community. 

Social connection boosts our mental well-being, contributing to overall feelings of happiness, belonging, and feeling close to others. Despite knowing that social connection is good for us, we know that meeting new people can be challenging for a range of reasons, and sometimes it can be a low priority because life gets busy, especially during midterms. 

Join Days of Action for World Hello Day, we want to encourage you to reach out and connect with members of the U of A community. You can make a difference. Suggestions to help you reach out and connect with your UAlberta campus community can be found in the calendar below.

World Hello Day Contest

Our campus community has a wide variety of events that connect with different interests. For every suggestion you try, you can enter to win one of four prize packages. Click the event to access the ballot form. Read the full contest rules.

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