The Victoria Longitudinal Study (VLS): The VLS is a long-term, large-scale, and multi-faceted investigation of human aging. The VLS examines actual changes in numerous aspects of biological health, genetics, memory, neurocognitive, cognitive, neuropsychological, sensory, fitness, lifestyle, environmental, cognitive impairment, as well as adaptivity and successful aging. It operates in two favourable sites in western Canada. The overall research, administrative, and lab headquarters of the VLS are in beautiful and booming Edmonton, the capital city of the Province of Alberta. Our dedicated participants regularly visit our continually active VLS lab in lovely Victoria, on Vancouver Island, off the coast of the Province of British Columbia.

Leadership and Collaborators: Since its inception in the late 1980s, the VLS has been continuously funded by the U.S. National Institute on Aging, one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Roger A. Dixon has been Director and Principal Investigator of the VLS since 1994/95. Dr. Dixon received two consecutive terms of NIH MERIT Award funding (2002-2007; 2007-2012) for the VLS. The latest NIH grant will fund the VLS from 2013-2018 (NIH R01 AG008235; PI: R.A. Dixon). The VLS has also benefited from supplemental funding from numerous other sources, including AHFMR, Alberta Health Services, Canada Research Chairs, CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC, other NIH grants, and the Universities of Alberta (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine) and Victoria (Faculty of Social Science).

Further Information: For more information about VLS, please click on the links above. For additional context and information, please visit the website of Roger Dixon, VLS Director. To contact or visit the VLS labs in Edmonton or Victoria please click here.

Ongoing Genetics Initiative: In 2009 the VLS began a new genetics initiative at both sites. The initiative was funded by a grant to Alberta colleagues Roger Dixon (Psychology), Jack Jhamandas (Neurology), and David Westaway (Prion Centre). The initiative has been very successful in enhancing VLS research on aging.

In the 2000s Roger Dixon, Stuart MacDonald, and David Hultsch met regularly in Edmonton and Victoria to plan new VLS initiatives and to work on research reports. Stuart has taken over as Co-Investigator for the Victoria Lab. Dave retired in 2011.

VLS reunion dinner at the Atlanta Fish Market,
April 2014.
From left around table: Shraddha, Correne, Shannon, Peggy, Kaarin, Paul, Stuart, Chris, Roger, and Brent.