Not so long ago, at an LRT stop far, far away....


It is a dark period at UAlberta. Literally. Edmonton in December? Sixteen hours of darkness every day, young apprentice.

Using a secret series of intergalactic pedways, Princess Patches races from ETLC to NREF to GSB to ALES to SUB, carrying an ancient power source crucial to the survival of her friend's laptop.

Meanwhile, the Great University Bear of Alberta - GUBA - has consumed a Hutt's-worth of double-doubles as he desperately crams for his Psych 104 exam....

Luke Skywalker isn't alone in space

Earlier this year UAlberta launched our province's first-ever satellite, the Ex-Alta1.
Read the remarkable story of our student designed-and-built cube sat.

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Among the World's Top 100

UAlberta lands in the top 100 in four areas of times higher education's world University Rankings 2018 by subject.

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