Our Brand Story

Every generation is called upon to build a university poised to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. We meet those challenges grounded by our roots — yet spurred forward by our profound responsibility to seek truth, solve problems and shape a future unhampered by fixed tradition.

Here we seek out challenges so we can create change. We question and test the status quo and then innovate on it. We collaborate and integrate. We overcome barriers so our ideas can collide and grow.

And, together,
we create new purpose.

We build the university of tomorrow for the students who are seeking their purpose. For the educators and researchers who pursue theirs in the lab and share it in the classroom — and around the world. For our alumni and partners who deliver greater good into our communities. Working together alongside and in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and all under-represented voices. We weave together a tapestry of backgrounds and cultures, because we are made stronger by our diversity.

Together we are
change makers,
community builders,
world shapers.

This world has been challenged like never before. But when we stand together and listen to one another, we generate the solutions that make us healthier, safer, stronger and more just.

Moving forward, we make this simple, but vital promise:

We, the University of Alberta, will never be satisfied with the “now.” We will always be seeking, always be challenging and, most of all, always be leading.


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Why It Matters

Our new brand will serve as a catalyst to act with intent. It tells our story of purpose and leadership. It gives us a powerful, unifying platform to focus on our greater, global impact moving forward. Building on our history and resilience, our brand will inspire, challenge and ignite all corners of the university, our alumni across the globe and the partners we work with every day.

Brand History = Brand Equity

Our new “One University” master brand strategy is building off the equity of a 100 year old iconic and proven institution. Harnessing this equity will position the U of A as a Top 5 Canadian university, able to better compete in student recruitment, reputational rankings and research support.

Why Now?

There's no doubt the U of A is facing tremendous change and challenges. This new brand will help catapult new messaging and give us a platform to share emerging stories impacting the world today. Through our brand story, we can effectively humanize our brand and communicate who we are, what we do and how we will be of service to our students, our staff, faculty, alumni and our community.

Our Promise

“Leading with Purpose” is a promise we make as we build a university for tomorrow, to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and our community here at home and across the globe.

If you have comments about the brand, we'd love to hear them. Please drop us a line at uabrand@ualberta.ca.

Behind the Brand

Meet the exceptional students, faculty and staff who Lead with Purpose and are featured in our brand story video.

Katryna Fast

Katryna Fast

The science makes getting prepped to visit the nanoFAB worth it for a PhD candidate studying nanomagnetism.

Arnold Gihozo, ’21 BSc

Arnold Gihozo

A computing science grad is writing the code to inclusion with discrimination-detecting AI.

Nursing student Genieva Slomp

Genieva Slomp

Teamwork, mentorship and practice make perfect for a student in the after-degree nursing program.

Céline Gareau-Brennan

Céline Gareau-Brennan

Libraries make an impact far beyond books.

Raqeeb Popoola

Raqeeb Popoola

The U of A's Golden Bears soccer team's striker knows he can follow through on a great play in the making.

Laurier Fagnan

Laurier Fagnan

A choral leader brings his best to developing musical voices — and research.


Anita Cardinal-Stewart

A law student passionate about justice for Indigenous Peoples wants a seat at the table where the decisions are made.

How We are Leading with Purpose

Métis archeologist Dr. Kisha Supernant

University of Alberta virologist awarded Nobel Prize

Michael Houghton wins Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Harvey J. Alter and Charles M. Rice for the discovery of the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Métis archeologist Dr. Kisha Supernant

U of A archeologist helps Indigenous communities uncover their own stories

New director of U of A institute sees her mission as reimagining the relationship between archeology and Indigenous histories.

Métis archeologist Dr. Kisha Supernant

U of A venture mentoring service helps entrepreneurs navigate the unknowns

ThresholdImpact VMS manager and entrepreneur Lazina McKenzie helps bring the collective experience of more than 100 volunteer mentors to a diverse array of startups.