Trademarks & Licensing

The University Brand and Communications' Trademarks and Licensing Office's primary role is protecting the reputation and image of the University of Alberta by managing the use of its names, logos and crests on merchandise and products through licensing.

When assessing a potential licensee, the university considers the appropriateness and potential marketability of the merchandise and/or products, how the name and/or logo and/or crest will be used, and the potential licensee's compliance with university policies. As a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), the university requires that its licensees are compliant with the FLA's code of conduct for all that licensee's products, not just goods produced for the university. Additionally, licensees must carry commercial general liability insurance and provide proof of same to the university.

The university has a vested interest in protecting its name and must enforce its licensing policies by identifying any unauthorized use of its marks and stopping the proliferation of or potential for proliferation of unlicensed goods in the marketplace.

For further information, please contact the Trademarks and Licensing Office at 780.492.5044 or email

Detailed information about the University of Alberta's Trademarks & Licensing Policy can be found on UAPPOL.