Vanity URLs: What they are, Guidelines and Requests

Please submit a support request to request a vanity URL. Select "Short URL" from the Digital Support request to route your ticket.

ER Communications + Marketing Partners: Submit in Workfront

All Other Web Users: Submit Support Request

What is a vanity URL?

  • A custom short URL is meant to support offline to online marketing campaigns
    • Example: to support Green and Gold Day
  • Aligns with institutional branding
  • Needs to be tracked - External Relations Digital puts tracking in place to help measure usage and interaction


  • The vanity URL supports a Call-To-Action (CTA) and is not by itself the CTA
  • Short (5 or 6 characters) and to the point to maximize the potential for it being used
    • It needs to be easy to use on a mobile device
    • It does not include a year reference (eg.
  • Should not be so generic that others could request the same
    • examples:,,
  • The destination page should be mobile and tablet friendly
  • The destination page should be a campaign-specific page - not a site homepage

"Do and Don't" examples




Vanity URL (event specific) (campaign) (program) (www & year) (subdomain) (extraneous) aw-wknd (hyphenation) aw /wknd (nesting)


Destination URL must be UAlberta


Destination Content a webpage on

Google Forms



Print campaign

Radio campaign

Email links

Web links

Social media links

Business cards

Google Analytics Reports to UAlberta rollup account Doesn't report to rollup account

How to request a vanity URL

We're happy to help! Before submitting your request, please ensure that you have the following information ready:

  1. Any particular vanity URLs you have in mind (5-6 characters in length is ideal)
  2. The destination page's URL
    • Destination page is published (even if not complete)
  3. The campaign timeline
    • Campaign start
    • Campaign end (if applicable)
  4. Campaign objectives
  5. Target audiences
  6. How it will be used (Print, radio, word of mouth, etc.)
  7. How it will support the CTA
NOTE: we do not create or grant vanity URL's for the following:

  • Soft documents (eg. PDF's, DOC, XLS, Ggl Doc, GSheet, etc)
  • Individuals (including business cards)
  • Groups (e.g. student, faculty, staff, alumni)
  • Websites using a URL structure other than
  • Destination URL's that use acronyms (e.g. .../research/dirf)
  • Wordpress sites or other non-Sitecore websites
  • Forked versions of (eg.,


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