Sponsorship Tools

Documenting Sponsorships at the University of Alberta

Documentation is an essential part of attracting, fostering and renewing sponsorship relationships. It also provides a critical history of the sponsorship and assists in maintaining a comprehensive record of our corporate relationships. The following tools and information outline the procedure to be employed that will ensure your best chance at success.

What Types of Sponsorship Do I Require a Sponsorship Agreement For?

  • Events or projects that will be taking place on a specific date or for a specific period of time
  • Sponsorships over $5,000 but less than $10,000 in total value
  • Sponsorships that span more than one year or more than one event, and will require multiple payments from a sponsor

When Do I Need to Contact University Brand and Marketing for Approval?

  • For sponsorships over $10,000 in total value
  • If a sponsor is seeking to use the university's name and/or logo
  • If you or the sponsor is seeking to change any terms or conditions on the template, outside of the customizable fields

Sponsorship Agreement Template

The following template will provide users with a concise and accurate summary of the agreed exchange and relationship between a sponsor and the university. This template can be downloaded and customized (information in the highlighted fields only) for use by faculties, departments and units across campus. We suggest that you read through the checklist before using the sponsorship agreement template.

Sponsorship Agreement Checklist (PDF)

Sponsorship Agreement Template (Google Doc)

Sponsorship Steps to Success

The following document outlines detailed steps for maximizing your sponsorship efforts. Steps include:

  • Know your event and what you can offer
  • Identify potential sponsors
  • Plan your sponsorship activities
  • Process your sponsorship and steward your relationships

Sponsorship: Four Steps to Success (PDF)

Detailed information about the Sponsorship Procedure can be found on UAPPOL.

To request approval, contact Jocelyn Love, Director of Marketing, Development and Demand Generation - Office of the Vice President External Relations, at jocelyn.love@ualberta.ca.