Transcripts & Documents

Transcripts and test scores supporting your application should be submitted as soon as possible. No admission decisions are made until all required documents are received.

Using the UAlberta Launchpad

After you have applied to study at UAlberta, you will receive a login and password for the UAlberta Launchpad portal, UAlberta's online application system. You can log in to the UAlberta Launchpad to access your "Checklist" which will tell you which documents you must submit in order to complete your UAlberta application.

  • Only the documents listed on your "Checklist" are required as part of the admissions process.
  • You should review your "Checklist" regularly because new items may be added while your file is being reviewed.
  • Do not submit any unsolicited/unrequested documentation as it will not be reviewed and it will be destroyed. Please note that submitting unsolicited/unrequested documentation, or submitting the same document multiple times will delay the processing of your application.

UAlberta Launchpad

General documentation requirements

  • Documents issued in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by an official English translation. Only an English translation will be accepted. Translations into any other languages will not be accepted. 
  • If a document is originally issued in French, a translation is not required if you are applying to a program at Campus Saint-Jean. If you are applying to a program on our North campus or Augustana campus, an official English translation is required. 
  • Course descriptions do not require an official, notarized translation.
  • Official documentation must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar (mailing address below) from the issuing institution (high school, postsecondary institution, or governmental organization) directly.
  • If your institution is not able to mail your documents on your behalf, they can seal them into an envelope and you can mail the envelope to the Office of the Registrar yourself
  • Faxed documents will not replace the official and complete documents required. UAlberta reserves the right to require that an original copy be sent by postal mail if the faxed copy does not meet our requirements.
  • All of the documents submitted in support of your application for admission become the property of the University of Alberta and will not be returned. Do not submit irreplaceable documents unless otherwise requested.
    • If documents are irreplaceable, please arrange to have them certified and submit only the certified true copies.
      • A certified true copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been verified and certified (stamped and signed) as a true copy of the original document
      • Certified true copies must be authorized by the issuing institution (e.g. a ministry of education office, university, college, or school). Certified true copies that are authorized by a governmental notary public agency in the issuing country may be considered.
      • In the event that a certified true copy is presented, the Registrar's office reserves the right to request the original document for verification upon your arrival on campus.

When should I submit my documents?

I am currently attending high school or a post-secondary institution.

Please do not submit any documents prior to completing your UAlberta application. Once you submit your application you will be able to upload electronic copies of most of your documents through your Launchpad portal.  We will use these electronic documents to evaluate your application. If admitted, you will be required to submit Final Documents before the document deadline, normally:
  • August 1 for high school applicants
  • June 15 for post-secondary transfer applicants
  • See document deadlines for more information.

Remember to include your name and 7-digit UAlberta ID number in all correspondence.

Electronic copies of documents can be uploaded through your Launchpad portal. 

Send hard copies of final, official documents to:

University of Alberta
Office of the Registrar
Administration Building
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T6G 2M7

If your institution isn’t able to send a hard copy of the document, they can email an electronic copy to The document must be sent from the issuing institution’s email address, documents sent by students will not be accepted. 

Phone number to use on courier shipping forms: +1 (780) 492-3113
Send faxes to: +1-780-492-7172

How do I submit my test scores?

Once your official test scores are received, it may take an advisor several weeks to review your test scores and update your application. 

English Language Proficiency:

Official IELTS and TOEFL scores can be uploaded through your Launchpad portal. For all other language tests, please request your official test results to be sent to the University of Alberta directly, to the address above.


When signing up for the test, you will be asked which institution you would like your official test results to be sent. Make sure to select the University of Alberta.

You also need to select the program you are applying to.

College Board

Our institution code to send official College Board results (SAT, ACT, AP) is 0963

How do I submit course descriptions?

It is your responsibility to ensure that course descriptions are provided for any post-secondary coursework completed outside of Canada.
Course descriptions must include the following:
  • Course content: a brief description of key principles/theories/processes to be covered for each course;
  • Credit weight and grading scale information for each course if this is not already provided on the official transcript;
  • Course sections: lecture, laboratory and/or seminar for each course;
  • Hours per week for each section;
  • Duration in weeks OR start/end dates for each course;
  • If course descriptions are in another language other than English or French, translations must be provided in English;
  • If course descriptions are provided by the home institution, only descriptions for courses listed on transcripts will be accepted; complete program calendars, syllabi or catalogs are not acceptable;
  • You can self-report (free type) in one document your course descriptions if you are unable to obtain them from your institution.
  • Do not submit course syllabi unless requested.
  • Course descriptions must be compiled and uploaded in one document.   
  • Course descriptions do not need to be certified or notarized.

Be aware of the due date for International Course Descriptions; check with your faculty.  Note: late submission will delay evaluation.


Humanities 200

Course Details:

Course Career: Undergraduate

Units: 3.00

Course Components: Lecture, Seminar

Faculty: Arts

Department: Global Studies

Enrollment Information: Single Term (14 weeks)

Description:  An introduction to the scope of challenges facing society today, presented in an Interdisciplinary setting. Insights from various disciplines will be brought together to understand and explore various core social problems, studying case studies of broad social significance. Seminar-style discussions and collaborative work will be employed in various projects. Prerequisite: A minimum of *15 from any faculty.

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