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ADI TWG members celebrate World Diabetes Day

ADI Member Andrea Haqq (FoMD) leading genetic study with drug trial to help patients with rare genetic disorders lose weight

Clinical trial for new anti-obesity drug ready to launch at U of A

ADI Member Andrea Haqq :: UAlberta clinical researcher leading genetic study with drug trial to help patients with rare genetic disorders lose weight.

Greg Korbutt & Andrew Pepper FoMD story on islet transplantation

UAlberta diabetes researchers changing the equation on islet transplantation

ADI Members Greg Korbutt & Andrew Pepper :: New grant funding to help researchers move diabetes treatment under the skin.

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Research at the Alberta Diabetes Institute spans the spectrum from ground-breaking discoveries at the molecular level to population-based research that guides new health practices, with expertise in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We are dedicated to translating discovery science into health solutions for the prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes.


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Browse our current research studies for a list of up-to-date studies recruiting volunteers. You can also join our research study participant database to be informed of new research opportunities / diabetes information that may be of interest you. 

Joining a clinical research study is another amazing way to support diabetes research.  

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ADI Public Forum - Type 1 Diabetes, Research and You

This event is cancelled until further notice, registration is still open and registrants will be contacted when a new date is confirmed.

A 10-Year Celebration Biennial Report

2017-2018 Biennial Report Front Cover

A 10-Year Celebration Biennial Report