How to Give

Life IS the Dream!

With your help, the future is bright.

Our world class team is committed to increasing access to transplantation and improving the lives of patients with organ failure and transplant recipients. In order to do this, we need your help!

With your support, we can reach our goals of

  • Increasing the number and type of transplants
  • Improving strategies to treat organ failure
  • Improving quality of life and long term outcomes for patients

With your help, the Alberta Transplant Institute can focus on its vision and mission - transforming and saving lives through new advances in transplantation research and clinical care - to become a world leader in innovative techniques.

Supporting scholarships, awards, and bursaries

Your gift provides exceptional learning opportunities that nurture discovery and growth, helping train the next generation of leaders in donation and transplantation. Your generosity inspires our learners to improve the lives of others and supports their journey in becoming the leading health professionals of tomorrow.

Building research capacity

When you donate to the Alberta Transplant Institute, you make remarkable health discoveries possible and join a vibrant community that is passionate about donation and transplantation. Research drives improvements in patient care. Your gift can help us increase organ and tissue donation in Canada, and enhance the survival and quality of life of Canadians who receive transplants. With a tremendous research record in transplantation, the University of Alberta currently ranks #6 in the world in transplantation (World University Ranking by Subject 2017).


Direct financial donations play a huge role in the faculty, but you can also contribute in other creative ways.

Donate online through our secure site or select an alternate funding option. You will be asked for your contact and billing information. Your gift qualifies for a charitable receipt 

Donation in Memory of a Donor or Transplant Recipient Your gift to the ATI in memory of a loved one will help us push the frontiers of donation and transplantation forward. Donations can be directed to specific areas, including transplantation research, organ donation awareness, and education support. Donate online, or make cheques payable to the University of Alberta, c/o the Alberta Transplant Institute.

Charitable Bequest through a Will – This could be for a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. Unlike annual donations, a bequest through a will is made as a disposition of capital assets such as securities, land and cash. RRSPs, RRIFs and life insurance policies may also name the charity as a beneficiary. Additionally, 100% of the donation may be applied against income in both the year of death and the previous year to provide further savings for the estate.

Life Insurance Policies – The donor makes a large future gift for very little cost. This can be accomplished through:
  1. Purchase a new life insurance policy and name the charity as owner and beneficiary. The donor receives a charitable donation receipt for the premium payments during their lifetime.
  2. Donation of an existing policy, naming the charity owner and beneficiary with the cash surrender value and any premium payments (if applicable) being the donation.
  3. Retain policy ownership and designate the charity as beneficiary directly or through a will. The donor’s estate is provided with a charitable donation receipt.
Appreciated Publicly Traded Securities – The transfer of securities to a charity is a cost efficient option. If securities are donated directly to a charity, donors are taxed on only 25% of the capital gain instead of the usual 50% when securities are sold. Donors will also receive a charitable donation receipt for the full market value of the gift, which can take the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, warrants and options.

For more information on any of the above giving opportunities, please contact the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Office of Advancement.