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Peter Hide: A Sculptor’s Life

Exhibition: August 22–September 15, 2017
Reception: Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 7 to 10pm

This exhibition is a “snapshot” of four decades of work by Peter Hide.

Michael Woolley: Performative Documents and the Labouring Body

Exhibition: August 22–September 15, 2017
Reception: Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 7 to 10pm

This exhibition is a showcase of the research-creation component of my MA thesis project, which examines the artistic practice of the contemporary performance artist Cassils. As an exploration of Cassils’ innovative use of performance art documentation, I have developed a research-creation methodology which deploys documentation techniques self-reflexively through a daily practice. Each day over the course of thirty days, I created and performed a simple instruction piece prompting me to document myself and my body in the context of the labour necessary for producing a master’s thesis. “Document the effect your first cup of coffee has on your body.” “Document your fingers as you type a paragraph of text.” “Document yourself trying to sleep after a long day of writing.” These photos, videos, audio recordings, and other residues represent one month of my writing practice during which I both wrote about and inhabited performance art documentation.

This exhibition has been produced as the research-creation component of a degree (MA) in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture.

Michael Woolley Performative Lecture: Friday, 18 August at 7:30pm in the FAB Gallery

About FAB Gallery

Since 1987, the Fine Arts Building Galley has presented art and design exhibitions that benefit the University of Alberta, Edmonton, the Province, and beyond. These exhibitions feature work by students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, faculty and staff, as well as by contemporary and historical artists with national and international reputations. FAB Gallery exhibitions—featuring both in-house curated exhibitions as well travelling exhibitions organized by other galleries and academic centres—attract approximately 13,000 guests a year to the Department of Art and Design.

The gallery is a valuable teaching resource, providing many Department of Art and Design students with their first opportunities to present their work publicly. Public presentation of work prepares students for involvement in the professional art and design community and increases students’ awareness of the dialogue that accompanies the public presentation of their works. As the most public face of the Department of Art and Design, the Fine Arts Building Gallery provides Edmonton and the wider community with an aesthetically enriching and intellectually engaging resource in the visual arts.


The FAB Gallery receives financial support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Community Development.