Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities


ACSRC Reports

Communities, Planning and Policy

"Drinking Water Contamination & Cancer in Canada and USA: A Review" No. 50 (2018)

"Beyond Infrastructure: Strategies to Support Adoption and Realize Benefits of Broadband in Rural Canada" No 49 (2017) 

"Edson Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No 27 No. 7 of 8 (2016)

"Bonnyville Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No 27 No. 6 of 8 (2016)

"Hanna Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No 27 No. 5 of 8 (2016)

"Camrose Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No. 27 No. 4 of 8 (2016)

"Lethbridge Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No. 27 No. 3 of 8 (2016) 

"Grande Prairie Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No. 27 No. 2 of 8 (2016)  

"Fort McMurray Regional Collaboration Workshop Report" No. 27 No. 1 of 8 (2016)

"Municipal Governance Reform and Land-use Planning in Alberta" No. 25 (2014)

Appedix II: Alberta Land Stewardship Act
Appendix III: Land-use Framwork 2008-2012
Appendix IV: Subdivision and Development Regulation
Appendix V: Dirt Roads and Highways Webinar

Alberta Parks' Kananaskis Region Top 20 Research Questions. No 22 (2013)

"Alberta Parks' Top 20 Research Questions- Provincial Workshop" ACSRC Report Series. No 19 (2012)

"Alberta Parks' Top 20 Policy Research Questions - East Central Region ACSRC Report Series. No 18 (2012)

“Community-based factors influencing the development and content of Integrated Community Sustainability Plans in rural Alberta and Canada” ACSRC Report Series. No 17 (2012)

“Rural Capacity Internship Evaluative Outcomes Report” ACSRC Report Series. No 12 (2012)

“Community-University Capacity Building Internship Handbook” ACSRC Report Series. No 11 (2012)

“Alberta’s Priority Rural Policy Research Questions” ACSRC Report Series. No 9 (2012)

“Rural Capacity Survey – Data Analysis: Report of Descriptive Variables” No 10 (2012)

“Research Priorities for Alberta WPACs” ACSRC Report Series. No 6 (2011)

“Rural Research Workshop: From Policy to Research and Back Again” ACSRC Report Series No. 5 (2011)

“Taking the Next Steps: Sustainability Planning, Policy and Participation for Rural Canadian Communities” ACSRC Report Series. No 1 (2010)


Communities and Ecosystems

“Watershed Toolkit” ACSRC Report Series. No 16 (2012)

“Scoping Review of Successful Practices in Water and Watershed Management in Rural Albertan Communities” ACSRC Report Series. No 15 (2012)

“Integrating Water Innovation Forum” ACSRC Report Series. No 14 (2012)

“Rural Alberta Deliberates on Climate Change” ACSRC Report Series. No 7 (2011)


Communities and Societies

"Rural Alberta Innovation and Learning Commons 2015" proceedings

"Open Door Needs Assessment" ACSRC Report Series. No 21 (2013)

"Network Leadership Symposium and Summit 2015" proceedings

“Continuing Care Networking Event – Slave Lake” ACSRC Report Series. No 13 (2012)

“Rural Aging Workshop” ACSRC Report Series. No. 8 (2011)

“Continuing Care Networking Event – Grand Prairie” ACSRC Report Series. No 4 (2011)

“Continuing Care Networking Event – Fort McMurray” ACSRC Report Series. No 3 (2011)

"Building Mental Health Crisis Response Capacity in Rural Alberta" ACSRC Report Series. No 2 (2010)

 External Reports

State of Rural Canada: Mapping Rural Innovation (2017)

State of Rural Canada (2015)

BRAED 'Voices of Prosperity' Symposium (2011)  

Alberta Rural Broadband Coverage Study Final Public Report - Connecting the Dots (2011)