Move Out

Step 1


A notice to vacate is NOT required:

  • If you are moving out in the last month of your contract or lease.

A notice to vacate is required:

  • If you are moving out earlier than the last month of your 4 or 8-month contract end date. Important: You will be financially responsible for the full contract.
  • Fill out the notice to vacate form.
  • Submit the form no later than the first day of the month to avoid an insufficient notice charge of one month's rent. You can drop the form off in person or email it to

Step 2


  • Confirm your move out date. 
    • 4 month Fall contract - December 16 at 12 pm (noon)
    • 4 month Winter contract - April 30 at 12 pm (noon)
    • 8 month contract - April 30 at 12 pm (noon)
  • Notify your roommate(s) of your move-out date if you are moving our separately.

Failure to move out on time will result in an improper move out penalty ($85) plus lock change ($125 per lock) and key replacement costs (see fees).

Request an extension (contracts ending April 30)

  • Email to request an extension by April 10 for $25/night. Extensions will only be accepted for academic reasons with documentation. Extensions will NOT be granted for dates beyond May 1 at noon (12:00 pm).
  • Apply for spring and summer housing on North Campus if spots are available. Once approved, you must transfer to your Spring assignment on the date provided in your room offer letter. Extensions are not offered for Spring and Summer contracts.

Step 3


  • Do not park on the grass or in “no parking” areas.
  • Pick up a temporary parking permit (maximum two weeks) if you are parked in designated parking spaces.
  • Ensure someone is in the vehicle at all times if you are temporarily parked in an emergency access lane so they can move the vehicle if needed; unattended vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed.
  • Be courteous – move your vehicle as soon as it is loaded to allow others to load theirs.
  • Visit Augustana Parking Services for more information about parking.
  • Reminder: Do not leave items unattended in vehicles or common areas. Vehicles with valuables inside are a prime target for theft.

Step 4


  • Complete all items in the cleaning guide. If you hire a third-party cleaning company, you must ensure they meet these standards.
  • Remove all possessions, including from storage and common areas. All items left behind will be donated or disposed of. You will be responsible for any costs to remove furniture, even if you live with a roommate, unless they accept responsibility in writing to the Residence Services office.
  • Contribute to cleaning the common areas. Talk to your RA, roommates and floormates about how you will each contribute.
  • Remove all garbage from your room and unit shared space and place it in the containers in the designated disposal area to avoid charges.
  • Submit a maintenance request for any items that need to be replaced or repaired.

Step 5


  • Pick up a key return/move out envelope from the Residence Services Office.
  • Deposit the following into your envelope
    • Keys, as applicable: entrance, room and mailbox
      Do not include keychains or lanyards
    • Temporary proximity card (if applicable)
      Do not include your ONEcard - this is your official U of A identification.
  • Seal the envelope
  • Drop of the envelope at any one of the following three locations:
    • Residence & Parking Services Office, 2-130 in the Learning Commons, 2nd floor of the Library
    • Hoyme Complex RA Office in the basement of West Hall, next to Laundry Room
    • Ravine Complex RA Office in the Common Lounge.

Step 6


Residence Services and the Service Desk are unable to forward mail that arrives after you move out. It will be returned to the sender.

  • Change your address on services and subscriptions before you move out, such as your bank, phone company, etc.
  • Cancel any third-party services such as internet or cable. Return any equipment to Telus or Shaw – any equipment left in your unit will result in charges.
  • Check your mail one last time and retrieve any packages.

Step 7


A prospective landlord may ask permission to do a tenant reference check before offering you accommodation, which includes account and behavioural information. Due to government regulation, Residence Services cannot release any information about residents without written permission.

Please note that Residence Services will only release information to prospective landlords over the phone as the volume of these requests does not allow time for us to complete questionnaires.

Step 8


If you plan to be a student this fall, submit an application soon as residence spaces are now limited.