Camp fYrefly

camp fyrefly participants

Camp fYrefly is an educational, social, and personal leadership retreat for queer and trans youth. It focuses on building and nurturing their leadership skills and personal resiliency in an effort to help them learn how to make significant contributions to their own lives and to their schools, home/group-home environments, and communities. Camp is designed for queer and trans youth between the ages of 14 and 24.

Participating in Camp fYrefly is a powerful and unique experience. Campers participate in activities that challenge youth to explore their identity, build resilience, and enhance self- and social-esteem. Camp is designed to help motivate participants to become leaders in their own communities, thereby passing on their leadership skills to the youth that come after them.


Help us make Camp fYrefly North memorable and join us for our 14th Annual Mayor's Pride Brunch. This years Brunch will be hosted on June 16, 2019! All proceeds from the brunch will go towards hosting youth for the leadership retreat and providing transportation. This year, Camp fYrefly North will be held at Augustana Campus in Camrose. Youth will have the opportunity to build community and explore their identity through an unforgettable experience.

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