Strait Talk Canada: Alberta


Date: May 26-28, 2023 | Edmonton, AB

Strait Talk is a non-partisan dialogue workshop that empowers young people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to collaborate in transforming the Taiwan Strait conflict. It is the world’s first initiative that enables direct political dialogue between youth from both sides of the Taiwan Strait with the goal of moving toward peace and understanding.

Strait Talk bridges grassroots youth advocacy and a long-term vision of the role of personal relationships in resolving conflicts. Its process is based on the Interactive Conflict Resolution (ICR) method, which has been used since the 1960s to facilitate dialogue between people engaged in seemingly intractable conflicts. The basic goals of ICR are to create personal trust across conflict lines and to empower youth to develop creative and workable ideas to help spur official dialogue.

In collaboration with Taiwan Studies at the University of Alberta, the CIUA is bringing Strait Talk to Canada! The symposium will be held at the University of Alberta over the course of the last weekend in May (26-28). Along with the symposium, participants will get experience keynote talks with experts on tensions over Taiwan and be given opportunities to network informally with other participants and facilitators during lunches. Following the symposium, participants will be inducted into the alumni networks where they will join over 1000 former participants, many of whom are in prominent positions in countless lines of work. 

There will be three delegations consisting of 5 participants. Participants who self-identify with one of the following identities (Canadian, Taiwanese, and Chinese) should apply. Food during the symposium will be provided and participants may request sleeping arrangement accommodation support, however, participants who live in Edmonton will be prioritized. We are unfortunately not able to offer any travel funding but welcome any applicants who wish can provide their own travel.