China’s Digital Economy: Development, Impacts, and Policies

Dr. Shaoyan Sun - 30 November 2022


China is now a significant player in the digital economy, due to its stunning growth in this area over the past decade. The digital economy sector in China further advanced during the pandemic and became a new engine for the country’s economic growth and a policy priority for the coming years. With China’s increasing influence on the global digital economy and technologies landscape, it is imperative to understand the recent developments and trends for China’s digital economy and, more importantly, the risk factors behind the rapid expansion that may undermine its sustainable growth. This will also help political leaders, firms, and researchers in Canada identify challenges, risks, and opportunities when dealing with China in the digital economy domain, especially amid the escalating US-China technology competition and domestic regulatory storm the sector has just undergone.

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Dr. Shaoyan Sun
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Shaoyan's current research at the China Institute specializes in Canada-China trade and economic relations, the economic impact of trade barriers on the bilateral Canada-china trade, the impact of China-Canada investment on firms in both countries.