Indo-Pacific Strategy in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue


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In early 2022, Global Affairs Canada announced its intention to develop a “comprehensive Indo-Pacific strategy” to guide Canada’s increased engagement in the region. The document will steer Canadian efforts to expand its diplomatic footprint in the Indo- Pacific, contribute to Western efforts to counter China’s growing influence, and further key Canadian objectives such as trade diversification and expansion, combating climate change, and international development.

To contextualize Canada’s choices in the Indo-Pacific, this analysis studies the Indo-Pacific strategies of Japan, India, Australia, and the United States - the members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD or commonly, “the Quad). The Quad is an ongoing security discussion that aims to promote security in the region and ensure a “rules based maritime order in the South and East China seas.” It represents one of the most important strategic and security dialogues in the Indo-Pacific, and Canada is closely linked with each of the members. Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy will undoubtedly be heavily informed by the policies of Quad members.



We would like to thank Evan Oddleifson, Darren Choi, Camille Bourgeois-Fortin, and Sean Janke for researching and authoring this report, as well as Genevieve Ongaro for graphic design, and Jia Wang for her project oversight.