CampusReady Pass

Vaccination StATUS

Step 1: Submit your vaccination status and upload your proof of vaccination using your email

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Step 2: Check your email

You will receive an email from with your CampusReady pass.

Take a screenshot or print the email — you are good to go.

Proof of Exemption

Step 1: Upload your proof of exemption using your email

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Step 2: Follow the instructions listed in the form to qualify for your CampusReady pass

Step 3: Please also submit your vaccination status using the steps above

Using your CampusReady Pass

When to use your CampusReady pass 

  • Upon entry to service spaces (ie: libraries, vendors, Campus & Community Recreation sites, service offices, etc.)
  • Upon entry to one or limited time campus events (ie: service visits, performances, games, conferences, etc.)
  • Upon request as needed by university, event, or campus service representatives

When you will NOT need to use your CampusReady pass

  • When you enter a building
  • When you enter your workspace
  • When you enter your residence

Who can ask to see your CampusReady pass

  • A campus service representative
  • An event organizer
  • Your supervisor
  • Your HR Service Partner or other representative from Human Resources
  • Your instructor
  • A representative from the Office of the Dean of Students