Dr. Zhenghe Xu

C5MPT Project: Design of Sulfide Mineral Collectors Using Molecular Simulation

C5MPT Project: A Novel Stimulant Responsive Polymer for Mineral Processing and Dust Suppression

C5MPT Project: Fine Particle Flotation by Hydro-Dynamic Cavitation and Hydrophobic Agglomeration

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Dr. Xu's research interests include engineering of nano particles and composites for bio- and environmental applications, interfacial phenomena in minerals and materials processing, surface and interface characterization, advanced combustion technology, mercury emission control in coal combustion, industrial effluent management, fine particle processing, and oil sands processing.

Zhenghe Xu

Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Teck Professor, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Oil Sands Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Mineral Processing

Phone: (780) 492-7667
Email: zhenghe.xu@ualberta.ca
Department: Chemical and Materials Engineering
Office: 7th Floor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Facility
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
7th Floor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Facility
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2V4