Graphic to accompany invitation to EDI strategic plan launch details says 'Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity'
The University of Alberta is proud to have endorsed the Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Canada charter.
We're committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive research ecosystem, and we are excited to participate in this important national initiative.
The Dimensions charter calls for an intersectional approach to EDI and recognizes that our research community thrives when we welcome and engage diverse perspectives and experiences. Our EDI Strategic Plan embraces this view. UAlberta's Endorsement of NSERC's Dimensions Charter.

This site currently houses the EDI Strategic Plan, and we are working with colleagues across the university to develop the future vision for this site. Over time, it will represent our university’s long history of work in support of equity, diversity, and inclusivity. It is meant to become a gateway to programming, services, teaching and learning, scholarship, and advocacy; and to inspire people to take part in EDI practices. 

It will also be a reflection of the diversity of perspectives and projects currently underway across our campuses. 

David Turpin, President and Vice-Chancellor, and Steven Dew, Provost and Vice-President (Academic), launched the University of Alberta’s EDI Strategic Plan on February 13, 2019 with a panel discussion on EDI—our vision, why it is so critical, and how to tackle our biggest challenges.

We heard remarks from Douglas Stollery, Chancellor; Michael Phair, Chair, U of A Board of Governors; and Akanksha Bhatnagar, VP - Academic, Students' Union.


  • Ceremonial opening and welcome
  • Introductions
  • Moderated panel
  • Thanks and closing remarks
  • Reception

Panel Moderator

Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Professor of Political Science; Canada Research Chair in the Politics of Citizenship and Human Rights

Panel Members

Malinda S. Smith, Professor of Political Science; Provost's Fellow in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

Nancy Spencer, Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

Shana Dion, Assistant Dean, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Students

Wade King, Director, Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights

Tibetha Kemble, Director, Indigenous Health Initiatives Program (IHIP), Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Strategic Plan

Through the University of Alberta Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) Scoping Group, a lengthy list of University community members have contributed to our new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Strategic Plan – including faculty, staff, and students, and EDI scholars and advocates. The shared goal of the Scoping Group was to articulate a common vision and framework to inspire, guide, and support both current and future EDI efforts and initiatives across the university. The EDI Strategic Plan is intended to reflect our ambitions for the future while acknowledging our current reality—both the outstanding work being done now and the challenges that remain.

As we roll out the plan, we invite each faculty, department, unit, and employee to explore and engage with its ideas and their plans for moving equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts forward.

We also know that as equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts find their way into new corners of the university, our plan and framework will need to adjust to keep pace. For that reason, we have committed to report back to the community annually, and to revise the Plan over time as needed.

To all members of the university community, we invite you to discover a home for your own ambitions in this EDI Strategic Plan and look forward to ongoing conversations and reflection about equity, diversity, and inclusion priorities at the university.

The University of Alberta’s EDI Strategic Plan

Le Plan stratégique pour l'équité, la diversité, et l'inclusivité