HEAT WAVE: Tips to stay cool and report temperature issues

As temperatures continue to rise this week, please be aware that some buildings may have difficulty keeping up with the cooling demand.

Our campus communities

As temperatures in Alberta continue to rise this week, some university buildings may have difficulty keeping up with the cooling demand.

Our HVAC teams will do their best to keep everyone as comfortable as possible. However, should the systems struggle with cooling capacity, in accordance with our maintenance response standards, first priority will be given to animal facilities, followed by critical equipment, areas that affect the most number of occupants, and then individual office spaces.

Buildings on our campuses

Temperatures are expected to be high Monday June 28 - Friday July 2, 2021

If you are experiencing temperatures that exceed our standard environmental conditions by more than two degrees (for summer, the optimum temperature is 23.5°C with an acceptable range of 22 to 25°C) in your work space, submit a maintenance request through uab.ca/fixit

Please be patient as we work through critical requests!

Try some of these easy tips to say cool in your work space:

  • Stay hydrated, and drink plenty of cold water
  • Bring a small/personal fan for your work space
  • Wear light colored and light weight clothing, preferably breathable fabric
  • Keep the blinds closed to block heat