Adjusting building hours and points of entry to keep our spaces safe

These proactive updates to infrastructure enhance public safety and security.

05 December 2023

The University of Alberta is committed to providing safe and secure environments for learning, living, working and activities on U of A campuses. Throughout this year, the U of A has proactively made updates to its infrastructure to enhance public safety and security. These measures have included adjusting facility hours of operation and points of entry.


Faculties and departments worked with Facilities Services Partners to adjust building hours and designate primary access points. 

Primary access points are main points of entry that have been designated to remain open to the public past when other secondary points of entry are closed.

These mindful adjustments were based on incident tracking and anecdotal feedback to enhance safety and security for all campus community members and constituents.

Hours and primary access points have been posted in buildings. All buildings will remain closed on holidays.

For current information on building hours, visit the Facilities and Building Hours search page.

Where and When

This has impacted buildings and facilities on North Campus, South Campus, Campus Saint-Jean, Augustana Campus and Enterprise Square.

Mindful adjustments to buildings’ operating hours and access points may continue through the fall 2023 and winter 2024 terms.

What else

You will continue to have access to the buildings you learn, live or work in, however travel between buildings and the entrances you use after hours may be impacted.

Help is available for special accommodations due to accessibility concerns or if you encounter persistent access issues or require assistance. For questions or concerns, contact the Facilities Services Partner for your department or facility. For urgent situations contact University of Alberta Protective Services at 780-492-5050. 

Your ONEcard may be required for access during and after business hours. Please ensure you have your valid ONEcard with you at all times to guarantee smooth access to facilities and buildings.

If you are studying late or working after hours, know when your building closes and ensure your ONEcard will grant you access. Study with a partner or work with a colleague, when possible. Let others know where you are and carry a cell phone.

Don’t hold doors open to areas that are locked or require ONEcard access, and be mindful of people following behind you. Call 780-492-5050 to report suspicious activity. On Augustana Campus call 780-608-2905 and at Enterprise Square call 780-428-1541.

U of A students, faculty, staff and third-party users of our campuses have a vital role to play in keeping our campuses safe for learning and work. Even small actions can make a big difference.