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Moving to telephonic counselling services due to COVID-19

As the result of the global request to implement social distancing, our EFAP provider will be moving to implement telephonic counselling services in lieu of face to face counselling across the country. This measure will be in place until the spread of the virus is contained.

During these times of uncertainty, stress and anxiety it is important that people access available supports and services. Please be reminded that faculty, staff and eligible dependents can contact the University's EFAP at anytime by calling 780-428-7587 or 1-800-663-1142.

The Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides staff, faculty, and their eligible dependents confidential advice, counselling and help. The program offers mental health couselling and is designed to support individuals in dealing with personal, family or work related issues.

Service Overview

This page provides a list of available services and programs including a summary of each, as well as available online learning (E-Courses).

Mental Health

Counselling Services

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers a wide range of confidential, professional counselling and family mediation services. Clinicians with the university's EFAP provider, Homewood Health, are registered psychologists or Masters level registered counsellors. Services provided through the university's are available at no cost to the individual.

The university's EFAP is designed to:

  • Provide timely confidential counselling services
  • Prevent problems from becoming overwhelming
  • Provide immediate counselling in times of crisis
  • Support you through life stage transitions (e.g. marriage, becoming a new parent, career
  • change, blended family challenges, bereavement, retirement)
  • Provide support and assistance for achieving your health goals
  • Provide assistance in dealing with depression, anxiety, fear or existing personal health issues

How do I access the counselling services?

You and your eligible dependents can access services in several ways and can choose a method that best meets your needs and comfort level. Your EFAP offers face-to-face counselling, telephonic counselling, e-counselling and web based services. However, the initial in-take process is the same for all methods and requires an initial telephone call.

Dealing with Traumatic Events
In addition to psychological counselling services for children, teens and adults the EFAP provides consultation services for a variety of situations as part of the EFAP Plan Smart Service. Comprehensive telephonic advice, as well as print and electronic resources are available through the EFAP.
Family Counseling and Family Mediation

Resolving disputes in our personal relationships sometimes requires the assistance of someone who is not immediately or personally involved. Mediation services can assist with separation, divorce, blended families, parenting, eldercare or sibling issues.

Please contact the EFAP directly at 780-428-7587, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mental Health E-Courses

EFAP offers various online courses relating to Mental Health.

To view additional detail about the e-course listed below, select the name of the course.

Social Health

Family Health

Childcare and Parenting

Be the best parent you can be! These services provide helpful tools, support, and guidance for parents to help their children grow to reach their full potential.

For more information see Childcare and Parenting

Cultural Transition Support

These services are designed to support you and your family throughout the relocation process and offer support with respect to making the cultural transition once your family has relocated.

Contact the EFAP for more information.

Elder and Family Care

Be in control of your work-life responsibilities!

These services assist with pointing you in the right direction if you are caring for an elderly or ill relative.

For more information, see Elder and Family Care

Foundations of Effective Parenting (E-Course)

For more information see Foundations of Effective Parenting (E-Course)

New Parent Support

Be assured your baby's needs are being met! These services provide some education and support for new moms and new dads.

For more information, see New Parent Support

Personal Health
Workplace Health

Physical Health

Fitness Consultation

Do you have concerns about your nutrition?

Does your busy schedule cause you to make poor nutritional choices?

Are you concerned about your weight, cholesterol levels, heart health or diabetes?

You are eligible to access up to two hours of personalized nutritional education, at no cost, with a Dietitian/Nutritionist who can: assess your current situation, make recommendations, assist in building an action plan and menu planning ideas.

For more information, see Fitness Consultation

Jump Start Your Wellness

Be fit, healthy, and feel great!

This service provides a comprehensive online, self-directed approach to healthy living. The programs are supported by a certified life coach and provides access to an online wellness handbook, healthy living tools and resources, and objective and goal setting exercises.

For more information,Jump Start Your Wellness.

Nutritional Counseling

Eat right and feel great!

This program has you working with a nutritional counselor to sort through the nutritional information out there and develop a dietary plan that works for you.

For more information, see Nutritional Counseling

Smoking Cessation Program

Be a healthy, happy ex-smoker!

This program addresses the psychological and physical dependence relating to smoking and creates a foundation for successful behavior change.

For more information, see:

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