Supporting innovation and emerging science

04 May 2022

Gary Sargent is grateful that his multiple careers kept him in touch with the University of Alberta. 

“I was fortunate to be able to have careers in grain, beef and oil. All of them had a link in various ways to what I learned over the years and took at university. And over time, I appreciated that the University and the Faculty of Agriculture developed ways to have their research applied and used and the knowledge shared.”

Gary graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in 1969. His graduating class was very involved at the University and subsequently created a student award fund, enthusiastically supported by many members of his class.

And more recently, with fellow classmates Harvey Glasier and Rick Andrews, Gary helped create a new fund for the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES) – the Ag Food Innovation Endowment Fund (AgIE Fund). He also committed a cash contribution and a commitment upon death, in his Will, to have the fund continue at the University for the long term.

“Great universities have great alumni funding, and I want to help encourage more alumni support. This fund will be the first of its kind for ALES. It will be a targeted fund available for the Dean and the Head of the Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences Department to use on emerging agricultural science and upcoming priorities.” 

The endowment will provide a steady, predictable and perpetual source of support for arising needs and opportunities. It will enrich the student experience and ensure innovations are incorporated into teaching and research programs for generations to come.

Gary saw the benefits of innovative research funds during his career. “Having a fund with flexibility built into it will help address changing science and needs of the faculty and students.”

Gary worked closely with the U of A to set up the fund and make a gift through his Will.

“Giving through your Will is a great way for alumni to give back to the University. It has tax advantages to your estate. And it doesn’t compromise your current living situation. Students and researchers at the U of A will be so grateful to the generous donors who make this choice. I encourage all Aggie Alumni to consider giving a cash or legacy contribution to the new AgIE Fund.”