Do you know the power of bursaries?

They can open doors, launch futures and create tomorrow's best leaders.

And it starts right here.

The reality is many well-deserving students can't share in the university experience because they run into financial hurdles. But with the generosity of donors, we can grant more eager students the opportunity to attend the U of A. Our students are the centre of our university, and bursaries help them achieve the things they dream of.

That’s what happened for U of A student Daniel, who was given the financial freedom to focus on his studies and explore his interests in entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence. With donor support, he has initiated his own project combining AI with wellness — and is excited to make valuable contributions to the field of computing science.

Giving a Gift

The reason our donor community exists is to help create generation after generation of change makers.

By deciding to donate to bursaries, you’re opening the door for someone like Daniel. You’re connecting them to a brighter future.

Take a moment to pay goodwill forward by opening the door for another whose story is ready to begin.

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