Graduates at convocation

Every year, thousands of ambitious and talented students come to the University of Alberta with a dream to shape the world.

But not every future leader has the same set of opportunities. Some have bigger barriers than others.

Unfortunately, affordability is a critical factor in whether or not talented students study at the U of A. Even after scholarships, grants, loans, jobs and family assistance, many students simply don’t have enough.

By contributing to bursaries, you help close that financial gap. You remove barriers so that more students can study hard, put their talent to work and achieve great things. At the U of A, bursaries specifically increase access for those with the greatest need — directly impacting hundreds of students and their families.

Will you invest in the next generation of leaders, change makers and problem solvers?

Please, help us continue to build a vibrant, diverse student community with people from all walks of life by increasing access to a world-class education. Today, you help students with groceries and tuition. Tomorrow, they help us — leading with purpose, solving problems and shaping our world.

If you choose to open up access to a U of A education by supporting our best and brightest — thank you so very much.

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