Steps for Conducting Research

Are you interested in conducting research at the Glen Sather Clinic?

Here are the four steps you need to know:

*The first three steps must be completed before any data collection can take place within the clinic. Documents should be submitted to the GSSMC Research Office (


For more information on conducting research at the GSSMC, click here to review the policies and procedures.

  • Step 1: Inform the Glen Sather Clinic of interest to conduct research

    Complete and submit the GSSMC Research Proposal Summary form.

    Approval by the GSSMC Research Office and GSSMC Research Committee is based on scope, clinic impact, rationale, concept, data collection, recruitment procedures, timeline and overlapping projects.

    The research office can help less experienced researchers in the completion of the GSSMC Research Proposal Summary Form.

  • Step 2: Operationalize study within the clinic

    Work with a member of the GSSMC Research Office to finalize how to operationalize the study within the clinic.

    The goal of this step is to ensure that all aspects of how the study will be operationalized within the clinic are addressed in a mutually beneficial manner.

  • Step 3: Gain ethics approval and sign research contract

    Complete and submit an ethics proposal to the University of Alberta Research Ethics Board (REB).

    Obtain University of Alberta REB Approval.

    Sign a research agreement with the GSSMC.

    The research office can provide guidance in the process of ethics and grant applications.

  • Step 4: Conduct and complete research

    Provide the GSSMC Research Office with monthly updates throughout the research.

    Inform the GSSMC Research Office of study completion and outputs.

    The research office can provide guidance and help to identify personnel to collect, manage and analyze data.