CIL Course List

You must take 12-course credits from the following list of CIL-approved courses.

The courses taken must be from at least two different disciplines (e.g., not all of your courses can be ANTHR or POL S). In the case of culturally-focused courses, you are encouraged to explore a culture other than your own.

The course list is reviewed and updated annually. Please note that not all courses on the list are offered each term. See BearTracks for information on current course offerings. 

Courses not on the List

If you come across a course that you think should qualify as a CIL-approved course, send the course syllabus and, if the course was taken at another institution, credit transfer information to When reviewing such requests, the CIL Academic Director will consider the following:

  • Is the course a 200-level course or higher? 100 level courses will not be considered.
  • Is the focus or content of the course international or intercultural in nature? The course must satisfy a 50% international/intercultural content threshold.
  • If the course explores theories or ideas that originated from other parts of the world, are these theories or ideas considered in the regional or cultural context from which they came? Courses that explore thinkers but not the regional or cultural influences that shaped their ideas will not be approved.