International Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for international students are set by the department delivering the program. Deadlines may be as early as 12 months before the program begins.

Applicants should contact the department well in advance because:

  • department deadlines are often tied to funding and award consideration, and
  • international applicants generally need plenty of time (up to six months in some cases) to make arrangements to enter Canada (where applicable).

Study Permit Deadlines for In-Canada Studies

Departments must submit completed international applications - including all documentation - to the FGSR by the following dates:

  • July 1 for September admission
  • November 1 for January admission
  • March 1 for May admission
  • May 1 for July admission

For more information regarding remote and virtual studies at the University of Alberta or to learn how to obtain a study permit, click here.