Northern SPIRIT Talk

Learn about the research collaboration with Aurora and Yukon Colleges on the CSAs Canadian CubeSat Program.

04 March 2019

March 12 - Northern SPIRIT: Research and Training for Northern space program in partnership with Aurora and Yukon Colleges

Dr. Ian Mann (Department of Physics) and Callie Lissinna (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

In May 2017, the University of Alberta made aerospace history with the launch of the first ever made-in-Alberta satellite designed, built, and tested by students and faculty. Its mission was a voyage of scientific discovery to examine one of the least explored regions of near-Earth space. The next mission, Ex-Alta 2, is now in development within the Northern Space Program for Innovative Research and Integrated Training (Northern SPIRIT) consortium comprising a partnership with Aurora College (NWT) and Yukon College (Yukon) within the CSA funded Canadian CubeSat Program (CCP). Join us to see the results, and hear the latest news and developments, from the most recent chapter in the story of UAlberta's Space Exploration.

Please join us at Ring House 3 from 11:30-12:30 for this conversation.

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Talk Poster Mar 12 1130-12-30 Ring House 3